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This is the oldest of the three scholarship programs having begun in the nineteen seventies, although the program picked up more speed in the late nineteen eighties. Since 1992, over 2,000 scholarships have been awarded to meritorious students from low income families at the Aligarh Muslim University, India, producing many doctors, tibs (Unani Medicine Doctors), dentists, nurses, scientists, engineers, computer scientists, lawyers, economists, teachers, etc.
OBJECTIVE: To make higher education affordable to talented students from economically disadvantaged families.
SCOPE: The Association awards two types of AMU scholarships:

 Designated Scholarship: A donation of $3,000 or more ensures establishment of a lifetime,

individual scholarship of Rs 6,000 per year (increased from Rs 5,000 per year in 2013). The
donor specifies terms and conditions of the scholarship.
 Al Beiruni Scholarships are awarded out of a fund that is a pool of small donations. These are
also individual, lifetime scholarships of Rs 6,000 per year (increased from Rs 5,000 per year in
 Both types of scholarships are awarded from investment income of scholarship funds.
 The principal sums endowed remain intact: in fact, they have grown over time.
 The entire sum donated (minus overhead expense of less than 3%) is invested and used for
scholarship purposes.
 Selection of candidates is based on both merit and means.
 Recipients are guaranteed the scholarship as long as they continue their studies at the AMU
and perform well academically.
 All donations are tax-exempt in the USA.
HOW THE AWARDEES ARE SELECTED: The Muslim Social Uplift Society, MSUS, (a Foreign Contribution Regulation Act – FCRA – registered organization) in Aligarh invites and receives applications from candidates, collects and compiles appropriate information for each applicant and electronically transmits it to the Scholarship Committee in Washington. The committee generates a composite index score (CI) based on merit (60%) and means (40%) for each applicant. Based on CI and taking into consideration donor’s specifications, it recommends a preliminary award list to the Board of Trustees (BOT) that makes the final selection of awardees.
MENTORING: A Mentorship Committee in Aligarh, composed mainly of AMU faculty members, both
retired and serving, mentors the awardees and monitors their academic progress, as well as helps the Association in verifying the family income of the applicants.
FUNDING: The program is fully funded by donations from alumni and well-wishers.
 A one-time donation of at least US $3,000 establishes a lifetime endowed scholarship.
 Smaller donations are pooled together, and for every sum of $3,000 a new Al Beiruni lifetime
scholarship is instituted.
 While donations are accepted throughout the year, the Association also organizes a major
once-a-year fund-raising event.
 All donations are tax-exempt in the USA.
 The Association accepts donations from all charitable sources, (be it Zakat, Fitra) or personal
CURRENT AMU SCHOLARSHIP BREAKDOWN: The Aligarh Alumni Association Washington DC
Announced 248 scholarships to be awarded in 2014-2015 to Students at AMU:
 35 Scholarships specific for students from ASSAM (Endowed by late Mr. Zouqul Choudhary)
 07 Sabah Memorial Scholarships (Specific for Law Students. Endowed by late Mrs. Akhtar
Quraishi & late Dr. Sayeed Quraishi)
 200 Scholarship (Open to all) Endowed by different individuals.
 03 Scholarship (Open to all) Endowed by Mr. S. A. Raza.
 02 Professor Abdul Majid Siddiqi Memorial Scholarships for students (one boy, one girl)
entering B.Sc. III year (Biochem) who have top rank by the end of B.Sc.year II (only merit; no
 01 Professor Abdul Majid Siddiqi Memorial Scholarship for BSc final topper (only merit; no
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Application deadlines are usually in August-September and are
announced by MSUS in the solicitation for applications. Awards are typically announced in
November through MSUS, SultanJahan Manzil, Shamshad Market, AMU, Aligarh.

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