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August 2016

Fundraising Event: The Aligarh Alumni Association of Washington DC (AAA) had a successful fundraising event during Ramazan on Saturday, June 18, 2016. It was well attended and the Association was able to collect funds, as projected, to continue its support for the ongoing scholarship program.  
Yaum-e-Azadi Mushaira-Kavi Sammelan: The AAA is organizing a Hindi-Urdu Mushaira on Saturday, August, 20, 2016, at Arlington Central Library, VA, to mark the independence days of India and Pakistan. The program coordinator, Dr. Zafar Iqbal, has announced that the event will include a book-release ceremony, while participation of prominent Urdu and Hindi poets of the Greater Washington area is anticipated. More details will be forthcoming shortly.
Sir Syed Day Lecture and Dinner: The annual Sir Syed Day function is scheduled on Sunday, October 16, 2016, at Argyle Country Club, Silver Spring, MD. Former Ambassador of the Union of South Africa to the United States, Mr. Ebrahim Rasool, who is currently a Scholar- in- Residence at Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center, Georgetown University, will be the keynote speaker.
Courtesy Announcement
University of Karachi Alumni Association (UKAA) Annual Dinner and Music Program: The UKAA has announced that it will host its annual dinner and music program on Saturday, September 17, 2016, at the Argyle Club, Silver Spring, MD. A feast of delicious food and entertaining music is promised.
Selected News From AMU
Success in Finding Jobs: According to the University’s Training and Placement Office, 731 graduates have secured jobs with reputable Indian companies during 2015-16. These jobs are in a variety of fields, including software, media, manufacturing, marketing/sales, legal, ITES, IT, banking, finance, telecom, education, NGO, health and nutrition. The positions offer a maximum pay of Rs 8 lakhs per annum (Contribution: Dr. Raziuddin).
Admission to the Military Academy: Rajesh Kumar, a final year student of BE Mechanical Engineering, has successfully competed in the prestigious Combined Defense Services Examination for admission to the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. Kumar is the only student from Aligarh, out of 166, selected this year. He has great respect for AMU’s rich cultural ethos and its anthem “Jo Abr Yahan Uthega Wo Sare Jahan Pe Barsega.” Kumar stated that he greatly admired the founder of the university, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and his educational mission, which inspired him to achieve this success. (AMU News, July 2016)
Students Expelled for Indiscipline: The AMU recently had to take some disciplinary action against at least 11 students for their involvement in serious law-and-order problems on the campus. The Disciplinary Committee meeting, held at the Pro Vice Chancellor’s Office, found these students guilty of misconduct under the provisions of the Student’s Conduct and Discipline Rules, and recommended the stiff penalty. (AMU News, July 2016)
Glimpses into the Past History of Aligarh
Mukhtar Masood is the author of three best-selling Urdu books, Awaz e Dost, Loh e Ayyam and Safar e Naseeb. He retired some years ago after serving in senior executive positions as a member of Pakistan’s Civil Service. His enduring love for AMU, his Alma Mater, permeates the pages of his books. The following paragraph is adapted from Awaz e Dost.
Fifteenth August 1947, the Independence Day, passed peacefully. But then the country plunged into an interminable period of unexplainable insanity. The darkness was so heavy and the sense of hopelessness so pervading that for a while we feared that it would sweep away our University. Then a year later, a ray of sunshine burst forth. It was announced that Sarojni Naidu, the Governor of UP, was to visit the University. The students and staff were ecstatic.
She received a rousing welcome on arrival. From the University Gate to Victoria Gate, her flower-laden car was escorted by the elite mounted detachment drawn from the University Riding School. Her car moved slowly to permit students lining the route to have a good view of the honored guest. The ceremonial bodyguards flanking her car looked resplendent in their colorful attires, a deep green Turkish coat, green turban, golden Kullah, white Birjis, white gloves and black shoes. From their sides, attached to the leather belts, hanged an ornamental sword. The overall effect was spectacular.
Governor Naidu, disembarked at the Victoria Gate, and then the majestic procession slowly moved to the red carpet laid along the history department to reach the Strachey Hall. Two students from the riding club were leading the way, while behind them walked the honored guest and Nawab Ismail Khan, the vice chancellor. The rest of the ceremonial guard walked behind them, two in a row. They marched with military precision, heads high, swords unsheathed and pride and elegance brimming from their faces.
The Strachey Hall, where Naidu was to speak, was packed. It was such a surreal scene. Only a year ago, it would have been inconceivable that a Congress leader would be invited to speak there. What a difference a year had made!
Welcome speeches over, Governor Naidu, a celebrated poet and writer, stood up to speak. She glanced at her audience and then stunned them by her opening remarks. “I have come to visit your University, defying all advice, including of the UP government, who had counselled me against it, some warnings verging on intimidation. But I don’t bow to pressure, and, besides, who can keep the nightingale away from the garden,” she defiantly reminded to the delight of her audience. Sarojni Naidu was an adored figure in India. (Adapted from: Awaz e Dost)
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