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The Association runs three scholarship programs: (1) AMU Scholarships awarded to students at AMU to partially defray educational expenses; (2) Feeder Program / Coaching Guidance Centers supporting students in grades 5 to 12 throughout India; and (3) Assistance to secure available Indian scholarships.

While, all three programs are supported by donations, the AMU scholarships are endowed and are awarded from investment income of the endowment, but the other two programs are not endowed and are run from the donation collected each year. The AMU scholarship program selects students based on merit-cum-means (60:40 weight) and other special criteria laid down by donors; the feeder and coaching programs target schools that will benefit mostly economically challenged students who exhibit educational promise. The AMU scholarship program is focused at AMU only; the feeder and coaching programs are ever expanding to various cities throughout India.

The Scholarship Program as a whole is managed through a collective decision-making process in which five sub-committees, each with its own director, are part of the overall scholarship committee headed by the committee chair who is de-facto member of all sub-committees and who seeks approval from the Board of Trustees (BOT) for any decision to be carried out. The sub-committees deliberate and make recommendations to the chair of the scholarship committee, who communicates with the BOT that makes decisions. This process ensures uniformity throughout the Association and involvement of senior, experienced people in the running of the program, as well as in maintaining the trust of the community, the owner of the scholarship program.

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